Monday, December 15, 2014

Confidence doing His will

Tonight I need to remind myself of James 1:2-5…especially the whole ‘trials produce perseverance’.  Ministry was hard tonight as i chased two little ones around and changed poopy pants! (hooray potty training…) I was contemplating with my brain…is this all worth it? it would be so easier if…then it struck me this is for my good and His glory.  

John 7:17- Jesus tells us that if our will becomes His will we will know what we are doing is right.  Confidence. Confidence in the fact that we are in His will.  That is a lot easier said than done, right? after all Jesus endured this world and the cross for us.  That was his Father’s will, he knew that and he aligned himself with that.  He is a good example :) 

Count it as JOY! yea…ok! Not always so easy in the thick of it! That is something that I need to work on. Remembering the joy, even the opportunity to have joy, in a trial that is trying my patience and long suffering! Next opportunity…Holy Spirit please remind me to choose joy!