Monday, December 10, 2012

DIY- Command Center

'A wise woman builds her home' Proverbs 14:1

I am not sure why but I have an unusual amount of energy today! Maybe because this weekend was a long on with a sick baby or I just woke up on the right side of the bed! Either way or what ever it is I am so motivated.  Yesterday i was not able to attend church because of my sick little one and boy did I miss it! This morning I have embarked on an adventure!  A command center adventure! This is one thing, among many, that I love about being a wife.  My husband asked me a few weeks ago if I would be creative and make a 'command center'.  Well that is what I am calling it! He wants an area in our house that has the calendar, note board, to do list, tack board and so forth.  Well I was excited about this project because I knew the perfect place to start!!!! PINTEREST! I tried to find pins that not only worked for me but also for Ramon.  He loves old wood and neatness.  So that was my spring board.  I  set a few goals before starting this project because with lack of a goal, plans can become very extravagant!
Here are my goals:

  1. Be resourceful.  Use what ever materials I have around the house.
  2. Think of Ramon first.  I like very clean edges and such, Ramon on the other hand loves barn wood.
  3. Keep it simple.  If it is too chaotic and busy it will be an eye sore.
With these set, I started looking on pinterest to see what other people included in their 'command centers'.  I found a lot of really great ideas! Some, though I loved, I had to pass over simply because it would not work in our house.  Like not having the same type of set up.  After searching for about 30 mins. I came up with a list of things that would be essential on our command center. 
Items to include:
  1. Calendar- Not one that I have to number and renumber every month.
  2. A weekly schedule.  These are the events that take place every week at the same time, ie. Mom's group, Spanish Bible study, youth group, water babies...
  3. The memory verse we are learning with our teens
  4. Meal Schedule
  5. Chalk Board for writing note or Dry erase
  6. Area to tack important papers
Some Ideas that I thought were AWESOME but are necessary for our family yet were a behavior and chore chart, family rules, and little bins or canvas bags with the names of family members things to go into.  Our daughter is too small for the behavior chart and chores and the rules...we haven't made any yet! I also debated a 'to do' list but normally I write out a check list at my desk in the morning, so I am leaving that off.  

I was so excited when I remembered that I in fact had some barn wood in the garage! Really this was the highlight of the project so far! I can not wait to put it all together!  The wood actually was for another project that failed so it is cut up but I designed a great look for it I am so excited! I hope Ramon LOVES it!  

Sometimes I am surprised how fun projects can be. Like this one.  I was reminded while being creative that this is all part of making our house a home.  One must be careful not to compare their skills to another's.  I caught myself looking at a blog and asking...HOW DOES SHE DO IT! haha I am sure with the gifts and abilities god has given her of course! God gives us talents and abilities for our own use and then friends that are great at other things to help fill in the gaps! I hope that you have a wonderful Monday!

I will be posting pictures later today!  We are also getting our Christmas tree today! I have a lot of fun things to do this week!  It shall surely be a fun week! 

What are your organizing project this week!?  How have you made your house more 'home like' lately? 

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